A man from Thailand returned to

The 35-year-old Sakda Lasada was shocked by the sight of the snake and wondered what could have compelled it to swallow the nightwear which is not one of the foods it lives on.

He posted a video online which shows him pulling the snake by the tail before it threw up the lingerie.

Sakda Lasada is quoted as saying: ''I think the snake felt a little bit sick. It's not the normal food they eat. It would have been very difficult for him to digest this. He could have had problems if we didn't pull it out.”

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Man finds snake in bedroom swallowing his wife’s lingerie

If this incident had occurred in Ghana or somewhere in Africa, it would have been a matter for pastors, fetish priests and Imams to deal with spiritually. There could even be a whole revival organised by certain churches for a spiritual warfare.