A man who claims to know the source of lotto numbers that founder and leader of International God’s Way Church, Daniel Obinim and some other pastors have been offering to the followers to stake has revealed the ‘secret’.

Speaking in an interview with an online Highlife radio, the man whose name is yet to be verified alleged that Daniel Obinim and others go naked and recite the 6 and 7 book of Moses or the secrets of Psalms for some days in order to get the winning lotto numbers.

He explained in twi, saying the men of God “place a total of 90 pieces of paper in a calabash and cover it with a white cloth.”

He said the pastors then “fill a ‘size 34’ bucket with water and again cover it with white cloth. After three days the men of God add a certain oil to the 90 pieces of paper in the calabash.

“They go at dawn to where the calabash and the bucket of water are, and recite the 6 and 7 book of Moses or the secrets of Psalms until some of the pieces of papers rise to the brim of the calabash.”

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Just to prove that the said lotto numbers are not gotten from God as the pastors normally want their followers to believe, the man said a minimum of two and a maximum of three numbers are bound to rise to the brim of the calabash which are then offered to congregants to stake.

Daniel Obinim has gained notoriety in giving lotto numbers to his followers in church which some of them claimed several times to have won.

However, this claim by the so-called lotto advocate against the men of God remains an allegation until proven properly with evidence.