Agriculture Subsidy is a prerequisite for food security – GAWU

The General Agriculture Workers' Union has bemoaned the inadequate subsidies put in place to support agriculture in Ghana

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Ghana has more arable land than most Western countries yet we import agricultural products from these countries. That’s according to the General Agriculture Workers Union(GAWU).

Despite agriculture contributing about 34 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of most African countries’ economies as well as shoulders the greatest part of the labour force, it has inexplicably been maligned.

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A lot has been said about Ghana’s economy and the need to boost agricultural production to feed the nation, provide jobs for the people, reduce poverty and enhance the nutritional needs of the citizenry.

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The General Secretary of the General Agriculture Workers Union, Edward Kareweh has raised concerns over the need for government to put in place subsidies to enhance food production in the country.

According to him, it is incumbent on governments not to only provide enough financing for agricultural activities but to directly move in to help the farmer at the grassroots with subsidized seeds and other basic inputs to increase productivity.

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Mr. Kareweh is therefore urging government to provide subsidies for agriculture.

This, he argues, will increase the sector’s investment opportunities, which will eventually stimulate productivity.

‘‘Nothing can be spot-on than this. It is now the trend all over the world for governments to give subsidies to farmers to increase output’’.

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He also added that it is not enough for the government to expect commercial banks to fill the gap, as these institutions have their business interests which make them deter from investing in agricultural activities that might threaten their investments.

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Mr Kareweh concluded by calling on government to help create ready market for agricultural produce to help prevent post-harvest losses.