Finance The Bank of England has appointed a new member to its hugely important Monetary Policy Committee

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Tenreyro, currently an economics professor at LSE, will replace US economist Kristin Forbes on the nine-strong committee when she leaves on June 30.

Silvana Tenreyro play

Silvana Tenreyro


LONDON — The Bank of England has appointed Professor Silvana Tenreyro as the newest member of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Tenreyro, currently an economics professor at the prestigious London School of Economics, will join as an external member and replace US economist Kristin Forbes, who leaves on June 30.

The MPC is highly important because it meets eight times a year to set UK monetary policy, including cutting, holding, or raising interest rates.

Last week the Committee voted by 5 to 3 to keep interest rates at a record low of 0.25% — where it has been fixed since last summer — and cap its Quantitative Easing programme at £435 billion, despite soaring inflation.

The fact that 3 members voted to raise interest rates mean that it could be moving towards a hike — most likely back up to 0.5% — and the question of whether Tenreyro is hawkish herself will be of interest to investors.

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