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Poultry Business Ghana's Charismatic Bishops want ban placed on poultry importation in the country

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The body holds that the only way to revive the local poultry industry is to place a ban on the importation of poultry fouls.

play Ghana's Charismatic Bishops want ban placed on poultry importation in the country

Ghana’s local poultry industries will continue to struggle if the government does not place a ban on the importation of chickens, the Ghana Charismatic Bishops' Conference (GCBC) has warned.

Poultry farmers in the country have experienced depreciating returns in recent times, with foreign chickens taking over the local market.

The development has led to the closure of many local poultry farms, with several others struggling to stay up.

The GCBC has, therefore, called on the government to help save the local poultry industry from going extinct.

Ghana Charismatic Bishops play

Ghana Charismatic Bishops


According to them, a policy should be put in place to check the importation of the poultry into the country.

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"Ban the importation of chicken. Come out of treaties and agreements that make us have to import unhealthy chicken and encourage local farmers to re-start poultry farming," the GCBC advocated in a six-page document.

They added that if care is not taken, it will get to a time where all local poultry farmers will opt out, due to the dwindling nature of the business.

"Well-known farms have been wiped out before our eyes and been made incapable of producing poultry for local consumption. It does not make sense to have poultry farms any longer because a locally grown chicken is sold for GHS 40, while the imported ones are sold for GHS15," the Bishops lamented.

The importation of foreign chickens is gradually crippling the local poultry industry, and some farmers have already started quitting the business citing little dividends as their reasons.

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