Kanye West has reportedly forced his wife, Kim Kardashian, to miss her mum’s annual Christmas Eve party as he will be  whisking her away to Paris for the holidays.

RadarOnline reports that the rapper is fed up with his reality TV star wife always spending time with her family rather than spend it with him.

“Kanye was adamant that Kim and North spend the Christmas holiday together, away from all of the holiday insanity of the Kardashians,” a source told the website.

“The last thing Kanye wanted to do is spend the holidays with Kim's entire family,” an insider told the gossip site.

The family 'is expected to remain in New York City for the next few days, and then go to Paris.

The boss of the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner, hosts a huge Christmas Eve party every year and Kim hopes that Kanye will still allow her to attend.

“Kim is still hopeful that Kanye will agree to figure out a way to return to Southern California to spend part of the holidays with her family. The problem for Kanye is that Kris' house is just overrun with so many people,” the RadarOnline source added.