Honduras Prison Gang members live like kings in detention

In a prison in Honduras, members of the MS-13 gang were discovered to be living in luxury.

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Members of MS-13 play

Members of MS-13

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A prison is not a motel unless you are Pablo Escobar or the MS-13.

The MS-13 is feared worldwide as one of the most dangerous gangs in the world. It was recently discovered that members of the gang that were locked up in a prison in Honduras were living a lavish life.

In their cells, 52-inch television sets, video games and a sex room where discovered. This discovery was made when the inmates from the overcrowded prison were moved to a new maximum security prison in Honduras.

The lavish cell of the MS-13 play

The lavish cell of the MS-13

(Daily Mail/CEN )


The furnished cells had air-conditioning units, fridges that were stocked, furniture, food blenders and coffee machines.

The Kama Sutra room play

The Kama Sutra room

(Daily Mail/CEN)


The sex room was known as the Kamasutra room and only the leaders of MS-13 and senior members had access to it. The purpose of the room was for the high-level gang members to have conjugal visits with their wives of girlfriends.

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A stocked fridge in the cell play

A stocked fridge in the cell

(Daily Mail/CEN )


For those who did not have this privilege, they had video games to keep them company. Some of these games included FIFA and Grand Theft Auto.

Stack of video games and blenders in the cell play

Stack of video games and blenders in the cell

(Daily Mail/CEN )


These gang members are unlikely to live this life of luxury in their new prison in Tamara which is close to Honduran capital city of Tegucigalpa.

The lavish cell of the MS-13 play

The lavish cell of the MS-13

(Daily Mail/CEN )


This astonishing revelation is similar to that of Pablo Escobar. In 1991, the drug kingpin gave himself to Colombian authorities. Escobar, however, wasn't placed in a regular prison. He was put in a prison he designed himself known as La Catedral.

Pablo Escobar in La Catedral in the series 'Narcos' play

Pablo Escobar in La Catedral in the series 'Narcos'

(Netflix )


The prison had a bar, Jacuzzi, football pitch and many lavish features. When the media got a wind of this it became a huge scandal in the country. In 1992, the authorities wanted to move him to a conventional prison but he escaped.

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