Let It Rip! Why farting is important

Why you should not be ashamed to practice the sweet art of farting.

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play Farting is a topic as sensitive as it's hilarious, but it is good for you
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Here's the thing: We all fart.

Heck, we all HAVE TO fart.

There's no escaping it. No two ways about it.

People are so self conscious about it, so much so that we have grown an obsession for doing anything and everything to suppress and delay the release of stomach air that needs emancipation. We fail to capitulate in order to flatulate.

Farting. play




And when the air arrogantly fights its way out, much to our disappointment and sometimes, surprise, we deny ownership at all costs, swearing by all the gods on the face of the earth that we aren't the source of the smell that's suffocating everyone around us.

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Well, if only we knew just how important flatulating was, we would not be ashamed of the natural prevalence of flatulence.

The process, contrary to we've been made to believe, is actually a healthy one.

And here are some reasons why:

1. Reduces bloating


Ever had the feeling that your body - especially your stomach - has suddenly swollen after a meal, making you feel heavy and uncomfortable?

That's gas at work.

And there's only one way to take away its work permit: let it out.

2. Relief


Look, if you hold in fart, you bring upon yourself the great plagues of depression, discomfort, moodiness, restlessness, insomnia - you name it.

Anyone who refuses to grant gas a pass always feels as if something in their life isn't right.

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Okay, all that may just be a bit over the top, but the fact is that flatulence is part of the body's system of waste. It is toxic gas from digestion that your body does not need.

So, why bother? Farting may be embarrassing, but not farting may be uncomfortable.

Done weighing? Exactly.

3. Colon health


Like its grave cousin defecating, farting, when withheld, puts a lot of pressure on the large intestines. According to research, the walls of the colon can weaken with extreme gas retention and even burst, like an overinflated baloon.


There is a reason why doctors always advice against holding stuff in.

Your body is an architecture of intelligence that knows what is good and bad for you.

Listen to it.

When it says eject, you just have to obey, or else there is a health price to pay that may not only be unpleasant, but fatal.

4. Disease detector


The smell of a fart can help diagnose if something is wrong with you.


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According to studies, when your gas smells really bad, or when it's too frequent, or when you feel pains when passing it, you may have conditions that could range from being minor (lactose intolerance) to being major (colon cancer).

Breaking the wind, therefore, may be your body's way of breaking the news of an illness to you.

5. Fart smell is good for your health


Yes. That's exactly what you read.

It gets weirder.

Here's the gist: in our farts, we produce a substance called hydrogen sulfide. This is the rotten egg-like smell that our flatulence carries, and according to scientists at the University of Exeter, inhaling it in small quantities can help guard against future strokes and heart attacks by helping fight against cell damage.

Weird? God, they say, works in mysterious ways.

6. Farts are the ultimate diet planners


Your weight isn't the only way to know if your diet is right or wayward.

Farts do that too.

For example, eating too much meat is known to give your farts a very foul smell, the kind that can make people develop lung cancer through the sin of inhalation.

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And, while the last part of the previous sentence is obviously a lie, what is true is that the foul smell can help you cut down on your meat intake.

Basically, your fart can plan your diet better than your dietician. This means you can save money too. How awesome is that?

7. Healthy gut and bacterial composition


Eating foods that cause gas is the only way for the microbes in the gut to get nutrients. If we didn’t feed them carbohydrates, it would be harder for them to live in our gut.

These are the words of Dr. Purna Kashyap, a doctor of gastroenterology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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So you see? Expert advice.

The foods that Dr. Kashyap is referring are those high in fiber, such as lentils and beans, cabbage, kale and broccoli. These foods are known to produce more gas, but they also improve our digestive functions.

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