Style Coaching 5 tips to make you dress appropriately

Buying too many things is not the answer to the wardrobe problems. The Important thing is to shop smartly

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Style is an elegant way of dressing or manner of doing things and in our world today. You don’t just dress but you do appropriately.

You must have styles that are bold but keeping it simple. You want to know how? Below are 5 of them:

Getting Inspiration

In order to work on your personal branding, You first need to get inspiration from role models, celebrities etc. You can get inspired by different style icons.  What you need to do is to write their names down and follow them closely on their social media platforms. You can subsequently do a research on each of them. There are various types of fashion magazines you can get brilliant ideas from.

magazine.jpg play Fashion Magazines to get inspiration

Clean Up the Closet

A bit of a personal advice, try and clear your wardrobe every 6 months. Take a critical look at the things you haven’t worn for a long time. Trust me there are a lot of them! Clothes, shoe accessories and wigs you haven’t tried in the last 6 months.  It helps you to restock your wardrobe with new clothes.

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Smart Shopping

You have enough money so want to spend it all on clothes? Buying too many things is not the answer to the wardrobe problems. Just know the appropriate things to buy. You should know the colours of shoes, accessories etc you have at home and shop clothes to blend with. If you shop smartly, then you will be able to create beautiful and different looks while staying in budget. the looks that inspire you.  Before you step out to shop, make a list of what you want to get and don’t take any extra money.

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Take Lifestyle into Consideration

Personally, if I go to the shop to buy a dress, I look out for one I can wear for any place- Be it, office, church, lunch dates etc. A good wardrobe should also be a portrayal of your way of life. There are a few times people have seen me in a dress and would want to sew a similar thing, so I try to advise them on their complexion and body size. The colors Red , Teal green  and black outfits could do better on a fairer complexion person but might not on a dark skinned. You need to know all these things before and shape your wardrobe accordingly. It is necessary to find the pieces that you can mix and crossover for different looks.

elaine.jpg play Ghanaian Actress, Elaine Attoh

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Accessorize Enough

A simple plain dress with accessories goes a long way in bringing the simplicity in you out. It is usually the best way of turning heads at you.

accessory.jpg play Accessorize enough

There are different accessories to compliment your look before you step out. You can add in a scarf, delicate jewellery, bold necklace, hand bags, slippers, bangles etc. There are so many accessories that can help in being creative with your looks. Also note that trying these accessories before you rock them makes it easier to choose. You can further develop your personal style by being sincere to yourself- follow your instinct.

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