Vox Pop How hard is it telling someone they have body odour?

Body odour. Can you tell someone they have body odour?

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I had a very good friend. A handsome young man beaming with confidence, but he had body odour.

I found it quite difficult to tell him because I didn’t want to knock his confidence or his ego.

Reminiscing on this, I wondered how hard it would be for me to point it out to a boss or a grumpy in-law when they smell funny.

I confronted a good friend of mine with this and she would have no qualms at all and would go ahead and hit the nail on the head. Another friend of mine, on the other hand, said he would find it extremely difficult to address it.

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How would the random Ghanaian handle being told he/she has body odour?

I took to the streets and put this question before random Ghanaians. A majority of the people said they would be straight forward about it regardless of the consequence. John, a business man I came across, mentioned that he would buy an anti-perspiring deodorant as a gift for the person in question.

I would go to a store and get him a deodorant, depending on the kind of relationship that we have,” he said in the local Twi dialect.

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