Fitness and Weight Loss ​Can you do this 360 pushup?

Rumble Boxing's Rob Sulaver​ breaks down his signature move.

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360 pushup play

360 pushup

(Photograph by Men's Health)
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Just when we thought we had finally mastered the toughest pushup variation, Rob Sulaver stops by the Men's Health office and busts out this next-level move.

The Bandana Training founder is known for his creativity, as well as his high-energy classes at New York City's Rumble Boxing, so we won't say we were completely surprised—call it a combination of awe and pushup envy with a side of gratitude for giving us something new to work towards. That's what it's all about!

Check out the video above and you'll see why we chose Sulaver to be today's Trainer of the Day. (Definitely catch the end where he breaks the 360 pushup down into a simple progression.)

Once you land your first 360 pushup, or if you can already do it, show us! Post your videos to social media using the hashtag #MHRecRoom.

Think you can up the ante? Let's see what you've got.

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