War on Twitter Wanlov Kubolor attacks D-Black over why he digressed from Hip-Hop

One time BET Awards nominee, D-Black, has been slapped in the face by Wanlov over why he digressed from Hip-Hop.

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Wanlov Kubolor of FOKN Bois fame is known for deliberately counteracting every tweet that passes through his feed and this time, it's D-Black's turn.

As part of using social media platforms to promote his upcoming Hip-Hop freestyle "Energy", one time BET Awards nominee, D-Black, talked about his success in the industry in terms of performances, recording hits after hits and most of all, why he digressed from Hip-Hop but unfortunately got slapped in the face by Wanlov.

The "Seihor" rapper tweeted;

“A lot of peeps been talking about I’ve digressed from hip-hop.. I’m not spitting bars… I’ve switched up…the lyrics sound wack…

“I got to dumb it down to touch the masses. I got to be on the charts with the cats rapping in Twi, Ga, Pidgin, Ewe. I got to have a nationwide hit.

“I got to have them rap with me after every 4 bars... I got to headline shows in Tamale, Sunyani cha..I got feed the family and cake up Chale !!

“So yea we dropped the bar lyric wise, but became more successful, God’s grace. But yea with that being said, sorry I did..2moro we back @ it”

The rapper also pointed out that he was one of the very few Anglophone rappers making commercial hit songs.

“Ok… Well… A lot people forget that I’m one of the only Anglophone rappers who successfully makes commercial records that blow up on local radio.

“It was essential for survival... We can’t list English / Anglophone rappers known nationwide that can headline concerts cha. Sad but reality.

“I can’t rap in any local language; I don’t have a firm enough grasp of them to. So these English bars got to be basic enough to touch everyone.

“I’m not an MC .. I’m an entertainer, a business.. We can’t all be lyrically gifted. All you can be is YOU. Tomorrow we go drop some hiphop”

Wanlov after a user tweeted; ‘Ah, what is DBLACK talking about? He dumb down which of his tracks was too deep for us that he had to dumb the rest down?’ replied "this planet is a trip".

Tweets credit: YFMGhana

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