She claims they rushed in their decision in voting the NPP candidate during the 2016 general elections.

Desoso said, "They didn’t believe us and they rushed and voted for them (NPP). As I’m talking to you now, January up to April, they have not given them any allowance. Even yesterday, their demonstration, they sent a petition to the Minister. He didn’t even say a word and they got angry. So I will just wish and pray that Ghanaians should know that you cannot always rely on your stomach –what you eat today but think about your future.”

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They claim by putting them on the scheme is not the solution their predicament, but, they want permanent employment from Ghana.

However, Madam Desoso maintained that the agitated health professionals should have given it a thorough thought before voting for the NPP while claiming the NDC had good intentions for them.

“During our era JDM, he said we needed more nurses so that we can export some of them then we will be getting something small from salary. The reason being that anytime Doctors go on strike, we have to call on Cuba, emergency. So we thought that why can’t NDC also implement such a policy,” she stated.

The Nation Builder Corps is an initiative launched by the government to help in curbing the massive graduate unemployment in the country. It is expected to employ over 100,000 graduates.