Relationship Talk 5 silly reasons people give for cheating

What happened to good old flowers, and rekindling romance the old fashioned way?

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People cheat, and it isn’t always that it is an accident. Sometimes the decision to cheat is weighed and looked at from every angle, before the action is actually carried out.

When people get caught cheating, some of the silly reasons they give are guaranteed to leave your mouth gaping.

Here’s a list of the top 5 silly reasons people give for cheating; don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • I did it to get your attention- Err…did ever consider more effective ways of getting their partner’s attention that didn’t involve a loss of trust, hurt and possible a break-up? I think not.

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  • He/she was so in love with me and saying no would have hurt them- ­Well congratulations, O valiant one; you protected the feelings of someone you aren’t in a relationship with. We guess you forgot about your number 1 responsibility to protect those you swore to love.

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  • I wanted to test how far I could go, I didn’t expect it to go as far as it did-aww, this would have made perfect sense if I didn’t think you could apply the same judgement and lock me away in a stuffy, tiny wardrobe just to test how far I can survive without oxygen. No, luv; I can’t have you pushing limits whenever you feel like it.

  • I wanted to shake up our relationship and make it better by living on the edge- Is that right? What happened to good old flowers, and rekindling romance the old fashioned way? And if these are too conventional for you, perhaps you could have run your genius idea of cheating-to-save-the-love by me, so I pitch in too by hooking up with another person?

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  • You deserve better- oh honey, I’m couldn’t agree with you more. I do deserve better after “I cheated because I am not good enough for you” came out of your mouth.

By Dede Williams

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