Every country in the world has its own culture and traditions that reflect the uniqueness of its people, and Ghana is no exception.

We take a look at 5 things Ghana has that the rest of the world urgently needs.


Across times and centuries, there has been earth crackling wars that burst the loyalty of men.

However, never has there been ever recorded a fierce riot over rice: even the Chinese don’t have that reputation. The World War of Jollof!

But before you tag any of this as ridiculous, be informed that the BBC, CNN, Twitter trends, and every other thread on the internet knows about Jollof.

How well does the internet know you or your local staple diet?

In fact, in recent years, countries like Nigeria and Senegal have gained internet prominence over their fake alliance to the subject of Jollof.

Yet, we refuse to fall prey to the tricks of the evil one, every tongue confesses that very good Jollof is Ghanaian.


When Coco Palmer, Beyonce Knowles, Solange and even the lovable Ex-first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama lavished the beautiful scales of our African prints, Nigerian bloggers took to the internet to perch in the glory that originally belonged to Ghana.

That conversation is for another time, but honestly if the world and especially Nigerians could, they would steal our Kente too. "Kente" is a colorful Ghanaian traditional fabric which is worn mostly on important occasions and celebrations.

Legend has it that the original weavers learnt the skill from how a spider makes its web. Obviously, the rest of the world are jealous over our ability to see in-between the lines of the spider web.

Rumours say if you don’t graduate with a Kente sash nowadays, then you had a 3rd Class.


Ghana’s rich culture is the most renowned in the world and that is still an understatement. Everyone this is true for so many reasons, one of which is the Asantehene.

The Asante Kingdom and its King is so revered that, they’re literally buddies with the United Kingdom and its Queen.

Kakum National Park

Ghana might not have built the ancient celebrated Hanging Gardens of Babylon but has far as the name goes, we have a 350 metres long canopy walk in the flying skies hanging above dangerous species of wildlife.

Natures lovers, come meet the confluence of fright and excitement!


‘While it is not the first dance craze to ripple through west Africa, Azonto is one of the few (they mean the best) to make the leap to western capitals’- The Guardian.

Again, you know it’s an international sensation when our cultural rivals jump unto it as if they owned it.

Even before Ghana sent Azonto to World Dance Day, the dance was already an internet sensation.

The number of hip hop rhythms that shuffles Azonto dance moves? Uncountable. The number of fabrications under ‘Afrobeats’ or ‘Afropop’ dance revolutions after the emergence of Azonto? Unbelievable…

Fact is, Ghana is just to die for!