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Moving On 7 pieces of advice for anyone trying to get over a Breakup

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To help you get a handle on your heartbreak and make progress, we share with you the most constructive and meaningful advice.

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Recovering from a broken heart is no easy feat. Whether you knew the end was near or didn’t see it coming, the pain of splitting up is real and intense. Heartbreak can actually impact you physically, as severe stress can negatively affect your sleep, digestion and immunity.

We’ve compiled 7 helpful reads for anyone trying to get over heartbreak.

1. No. 1. Listen to sad music.

 There’s a reason Adele is so magnetic after heartbreak. Research shows your brain is drawn to sad music. A 2014 study found that listening to sad music can prompt positive emotions like peacefulness in the listener, which could explain why you’re drawn to it after a breakup. Go on, press play.

2. “Stop looking at the end of a relationship as a failure. Leaving it behind can be a courageous choice — and an opportunity for you to be honest and authentic.” — Georgia Kolias

3. “Set a timer: devote a solid 15 minutes a day to experiencing that rainbow of sadness, anger, grief and pity. Feel it all and then make a concerted effort to proceed with your day. Over time, the minutes you devote to mourning the relationship will dwindle and you’ll slowly begin to move on.” — Nicole Lavery

4. “Don’t play the insult game. You’re a good person, who doesn’t air their business on Facebook or feel compelled to sling insults over text. Self-respect and shutting your mouth will save your sanity.” — Lisa Schmidt

5. “It really is impossible to move forward if you’re always looking backwards.” — Marie Forster

6.  “The best advice I ever received and passed on was to always go to everything you’re invited to attend. You can always leave if it is too painful but always try.” — Lois Tarter

7. “Stop thinking about your ex and create mental space so that when the right person comes along, you’re not preoccupied with the wrong person. If he just broke up with you, he was never the right one anyway.”  — ReeRee Rockette