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Sea Cows Local fishermen in Ghana just killed three manatees

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Fishermen in Ekye-Amanfrom, Ghana had a good work day when they killed three manatees despite the fully aquatic mammals being a protected species.

Local fishermen in Ghana just killed three manatees play

Local fishermen in Ghana just killed three manatees

Local fishermen in Ekye-Amanfrom at Ada, a town in West African country Ghana had an amazingly good work day on Monday, February 27, 2017 after killing three manatees.

The fishermen who went on their usual fishing expedition in the morning instantly felt their good fortunes when their net weighted heavier than usual.

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Initially, they thought their net had been cast in a highly populated region of small fishes but were shocked when they pulled their net to find out the unusual; four manatees popularly known as sea cows.

One of the manatees managed to escape before the fishermen struggled to kill the other three.

Manatees play



Manatees are fully aquatic creatures and herbivorous in nature. Their large size coupled with the feeding habits have earned the marine mammals the name sea cows. Manatees could weigh as much as 590 kilograms and measure up to 4 meters long.

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The fully aquatic mammals are considered a protected species everywhere and are not to be hunted or killed. They are, however, not classified as an endangered species.

To the local fishermen in Ghana, the catch signified some good omen which could open the doors for more of the same in coming weeks and months.