• Allen was outclassed by a well-schooled Price and was pulled out of the fight by his trainer Darren Barker, who threw the white towel into the ring before the 11th round could start.
  • Price celebrated wildly but there was panic at ringside.
  • This is because Allen was in a bad state. He was given an oxygen mask, was stretchered out of the ring, and then taken to hospital.
  • The promoter Eddie Hearn said he had a broken orbital bone, damaged tongue, and brain scans suggested he was okay.
  • Allen tweeted from hospital saying he was "probably done" with boxing.
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02 ARENA, LONDON David Allen was given oxygen treatment, left the ring on a stretcher, and was then sent to hospital after his stoppage loss to the 6-foot-8 heavyweight David Price.

It was supposed to be a passing-of-the-torch fight. Where Price, the 36-year-old domestic veteran, would give way to the popular up-and-comer Allen.

However, on Saturday, at the 02 Arena in London, Allen was outclassed by a well-schooled fighter with the 27-year-old's trainer Darren Barker throwing the white towel into the ring before the 11th round, to signify that his man, Allen, could not go on.

Price celebrated wildly. He gesticulated lewdly to the crowd, jumped around the ring, and held his arms aloft.

But those around the ring were panicked.

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Business Insider was ringside and could see security ushering people away from a gangway. They wanted to make a clear exit point. One man held a wheelchair aloft and was about to carry it into the ring but was sent back as they needed something bigger. They needed a stretcher.

In the ring itself, Allen received medical attention. He was sweating profusely, had a cut on his eyelid, and wore an oxygen mask. He was then put into a stretcher and carried out of the arena. Fans close to the ring were asked not to take videos.

It was not until the post-fight press conference when the promoter Eddie Hearn, the group managing director of Matchroom Sport, could clarify the extent of the injuries.

Hearn credited Price's "great performance," adding Allen was "taken to hospital." He said Allen "has a broken orbital bone," has "damage to his tongue," and underwent "brain scans."

He added: "We believe he's going to be okay."

Barker, Allen's trainer, tweeted a photograph of Allen in hospital saying he's okay.

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Barker said: "Dave wants you to know he's ok. He's just waiting on a scan and a few stitches. He also wants to congratulate David Price on a fantastic win and hopes everyone gets home safely."

Allen later said he is "probably done" with boxing.

"Don't want anyone to worry about me, just a hard man gone old and soft the last 18 months," he tweeted . "Very happy and proud of David Price. I will be okay but the last 12 months or so my health has been deteriorating and I'm glad I hung on, took the chance, and made money. [I'm] now probably done."

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