• According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Patriots were filming their advance scout as a part of the team's "Do Your Job" series and were credentialed by the Browns.
  • An official for the Bengals saw a crew member in Patriots gear and informed the league of the incident. The league has since confiscated the video.
  • According to Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network, the Patriots had not informed the Bengals or the league that they would be filming, leading to the confusion.
  • The Patriots were infamously fined and docked their first-round draft pick in 2008 after the filming scandal that became known as "Spygate" amongst the media and NFL fans.
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The NFL is investigating the New England Patriots after an awkward encounter between one of the team's advance scouts and a Bengals official in the press box of Sunday's game between Cincinnati and Cleveland.

While speaking with reporters on Monday, Bengals coach Zac Taylor was asked by color commentator Dave Lapham about the incident. "I'm aware that there was an incident," Taylor said, per ESPN . "But I know the league is investigating it, so I've got no comment on it."

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter , the advance scout was not filming the Bengals, but rather being filmed for a feature entitled "Do Your Job" that the team produces . The series covers a day in the life of different members of the Patriots organization. Schefter added that the video crew was credentialed by the Browns.

When an official for the Bengals, who are playing New England next week, saw one of the crew members wearing Patriots gear, he alerted the league. According to Schefter, The NFL confiscated the video.

NFL Network's Ian Rapaport offered a similar explanation, saying that while the Patriots informed the Browns of their plan to be filming, they did not inform the Bengals or the league, leading to the confusion.

Despite their explanation, the Patriots story will undoubtedly get an extra bit of scrutiny from the league. The team was punished in 2007 after the league found them to be videotaping the New York Jets sidelines in what became known as "Spygate" amongst the NFL media and fans.

The Patriots were forced to give up their first-round draft pick in 2008. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was also fined $500,000, while the team was fined an additional $250,000.

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