OMCs selling adulterated products to be closed down - NPA

There have been concerns that the liberalization policy which has brought competition among Oil Marketing Companies could compel some unscrupulous ones  to try and sell at cheap prices by sacrificing quality.

CEO of NPA, Moses Asaga

Oil marketing companies who adulterate their products will have their fuel stations closed down, Chief Executive of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) Moses Asaga has said.

However, speaking at the first-ever Ghana International Petroleum Conference in Accra, Mr. Asaga said such a practice will not be tolerated.

He said in the era of price liberalization of the petroleum sector, standards of quality must be upheld.

According to him, to ensure standards are maintained, once crude oil is ready for distribution, independent inspectors are called in to check.

He added that once the quality is verified, a dye is injected into petroleum products for distribution through Bulk Oil Distribution Companies and to Oil Marketing Companies.

The dye is to ensure that when random inspections are conducted, it can easily be detected if the product quality is suspicious, standard or failed.

Mr. Asaga further indicated of NPA's commitment to ensure that the gains Ghana has made in deregulating the petroleum sector to allow private participation are protected.

He added that Ghana's decision to remove subsidies has allowed consumers to pay cheaper prices for products such as petrol, diesel, LPG and kerosene.


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