A country in crisis shouldn't be buying iPhones for workers - Bridget Otoo fumes

Renowned Ghanaian broadcaster, Bridget Otoo, has raised pertinent questions about the allocation of state resources for non-essential expenditures during a period of severe economic crisis in the nation.

Bridget Otoo

Otoo has expressed concerns regarding the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company Limited (BOST) using state budget funds to purchase iPhone 13 Pro Max devices for select staff members.

This expenditure has come under scrutiny, especially considering the ongoing economic challenges faced by the country.

In a passionate statement, the broadcaster lamented that when the nation is struggling to meet its external debt interest payments and fulfil other financial obligations, some institutions are indulging in extravagant spending, which ultimately burdens the citizens.

“Something has to change about this country. Buying iPhones for BOST board, buying gold watches for BOG staff. A country that cannot afford paying interest on its external debts, a country in crisis shouldn’t be doing these!” Bridget Otoo fumed.


Her comments were triggered by reports that the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Limited Company (BOST) had acquired 18 iPhone 13 Pro Max phones for certain staff members at a cost exceeding GH¢28 million.

In response to these reports, BOST acknowledged the purchase of the iPhones for its corporate executives in May of the previous year.

The company's statement, issued on September 30, 2023, clarified that the total cost of the phones was GHS234,000.00, grossed up for taxes at GHS285,412.16.

BOST explained that the reason behind this purchase was to equip its team with the tools needed to stay connected with the management information and business intelligence systems, enhancing efficient decision-making within the organization.


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