The batakari/fugu actually a gift from my new friend, the Yagbon Wura (overlord of the Gonja traditional area). I was in the West Gonja District of Northern Ghana for my tourism project to promote 'made in Ghana', and the Chief gave it to me as a gift in appreciation of my efforts to shine some light on the fantastic district.

Anyway, in this vlog, I shed more light on my trip to the North. I know most of you may have seen pictures on social media already but now I get to share the real stories behind them. The fun and eye-opening trip saw me visiting Ghana's largest game reserve, Mole National Park. The reason why I went there was to see the fact I was chased by one. I also visited the Laranbaga Mosque, which is the oldest mosque in West Africa. Oh and if you want to know more about the toothless man don't forget to watch the video.

Also drop your comments, share your views about my trip to West Gonja and ask questions; I may respond to your questions in my vlogs.