7 shocking things Medikal revealed about his ex-wife Fella Makafui

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has dropped a series of shocking revelations about his ex-wife actress and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui.

Medikal and Fella Makafui

The rapper in a series of Snapchat posts opened up about several thorny issues which happened in their marriage while they were together.

Medikal and Fella’s marriage has been in the public eye for some time now after the rapper openly declared that he had divorced his wife.

Their relationship has been documented in the media and the press following several bitter revelations in their marriage.

Medikal’s recent outburst follows an incident which occurred recently where he claimed her baby mama called the police on him for asking her cousin to vacate his residence.


The rapper who shares a child with Makafui, expressed his reluctance to go public due to their family ties but stated that the situation has escalated beyond his control.

The rapper during his rants, exposed a lot of shocking revelations about his ex-wife that got social media talking.

Here are 7 shocking revelations Medikal said about his ex-wife Fella Makafui

1.Domestic Abuse

The rapper accused Fella Makafui of physically assaulting him by hitting his head with a coffee cup and hitting him several times sometime ago in his residence at East Legon.


According to him, her ex-wife claimed she suspected him of being with another woman, hence, the reason for her outburst.

“While I was staying at Caterpillar junction at East Legon, there was this day she jumped over my wall and entered my room saying she suspects I was with another woman.

“I was with my friends playing video game, she threw my tea i was drinking on me, slammed my head with the coffee cup, destroyed my play station and my television. She also destroyed my laptop used for recording in my studio. She further hit my head with hanger several times,” Medikal narrated.

The rapper said despite all these, he never retaliated and called the police from the Lakeside police station to intervene and send Fella Makafui away.

“I restrained myself and I never hit her,” he said.


2.Fella had a tummy tuck to promote her business

Medikal also revealed details about Fella Makafui's post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery aimed at flattening her stomach.

He clarified that her flat tummy is not the result of the product (slim tea) she endorses but is due to a surgical procedure performed in Nigeria.

Initially, Medikal was not in favor of the surgery but agreed to finance it to ensure his wife's happiness.


In a statement on his Snapchat, Medikal recounted that he had proposed using brand ambassadors for the product's promotion.

3. Medikal invested $300,000 in Fella's business.

Medikal also revealed how much he invested in his ex-wife Fella Makafui's business without asking for any returns.

The father-of-one added that he sincerely wanted his ex-wife to be an independent woman who doesn't feel intimated when she is with her friends.


Medikal recounted that on some occasions, Fella Makafui wanted to give him 10,000 or GH¢ as profit from her business, but he rejected the money.

4. Fella's BBL confirmation

Medikal in the series of videos revealed how he paid Thousands of dollars for Fella Makafui to undergo a BBL procedure in Nigeria and Turkey.

According to him, after giving birth to their baby girl, Fella Makafui became very conscious of her body and pressed him to give her money to undergo a surgical procedure.


He claimed that she had her slim tea, Corsets and flat tummy products to sell and the only way people would believe the potency of her products is when they see the results on her.

As a result, Fella Makafui forced Medikal to pay for her procedure.

5. Fella Makafui throws her engagement ring into a sea In Dubai

Medikal also opened up about his ex-wife, narrating how she proudly threw her engagement ring away during her trip to Dubai.


The 31-year-old confronted his ex-wife, who only explained that many people told her Medikal was not good for her. She was uninterested in the marriage, and the best decision was to throw away the engagement ring.

6.Fella exposes their daughter to weed gummies

Medikal accused Fella of exposing their daughter to weed-infused gummies, which she allegedly brought home. He claimed their daughter almost consumed these items after finding them in Fella’s drawers.


7.Fella has not cooked in over two years

Medikal further opened up on how he pays a nanny, a driver, and a cook more than GHC2k to cater for their daughter and their home.

Medikal’s bombshell revelation has left fans of both couples surprised and shock with others expressing concern for their well-being.

However, Fella Makafui has indicated that she will resort to the law to address issues between herself and her husband, Medikal.


Amid Medikal's resort to social media posts in stating his side of their messy breakup, Fella Makafui has indicated, via a May 19 statement, that she would rather resort to the law in handling issues with regard to her husband.

She indicated that his recent comments have had an adverse effect on her and her family but she will not take the same route as her husband.


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