We have an exclusive on the story that is about to make rounds as Omotena crooner, Solidstar and Timaya. Apparently Solidstar and Timaya were in a hotel together for a show in an undisclosed city in Nigeria and they had to run for their lives. You'd see in the chat that Timaya woke the Isoko singer up with a ping chat and that was how all hell was let loose.

Solidstar who has been noticed have all these important saying on his social media page on Instagram discusses how the groupie he had all night f0rked him all night and still wants more in the morning. Timaya on the other hand is up to the task but still doesn't want to used as a sex toy for any girl's fantasy as they both decided to meet in the elevator and have breakfast at the hotel. It will be noted that since they both released the song - "My Body"...  Nigerian girls have been all over them and you don't have to wonder why they both are in trouble from all these single girls that just wanna pounce on them. I will let you guys enjoy the conversation between Solidstar and Timaya! Naija girls and sex sha!