A Look At Yaba Badoe's "The Art Of Ama Atta Aidoo"

It is a remarkable movie and I cannot wait till it is out. Sound and cinematography put this story in a very special league of extraordinary writers.

This is a story that tugs at my heart. The mind of writer is worth journeying through. The birth of this story is truly emancipating because Ama Atta Aidoo as a writer freed women all over from the shackles of never having an opinion and succumbing to the gender dictates of our society. Her books like CHANGES free women from conformity. This movie by Yaba Badoe is timely.

The legend that Ama Atta-Aidoo is needs to be explored. The “art of the speaking voice can certainly be brought into the written voice” as she does so skillfully in all her books. She opens up an entire world and is not afraid to be  vulnerable about the things she secretly questions. It is a film worth seeing. It is insight worth sharing and the secret questions worth pondering over? Her works are influenced by her experiences especially being at the heart of civil and feminist movements she articulates well the intricate details of the human mind especially of people born and living in those times in her so called fictitious world of prose writing.

Kudos Yaba Badoe!


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