Syco: Criss Waddle turns social media rant into amapiano hit (LISTEN)

Showcasing his musical prowess and unique style once again, Criss Waddle has turned a social media rant that has gone viral into a music banger.

Criss Waddle

While recounting certain events in a social media rant to address the chaos in his AMG Business clan, Criss Waddle recounted how he came into contact with someone named Syco.

A short clip of that part of the rant has gone viral and Criss Waddle has hopped on it to quickly turn into a track, to mark his return to the music scene.

Before its official release, a snippet of the track shared on Criss Waddle's Snapchat account sparked anticipation among his devoted fanbase and Ghanaians at large. Already, AMG enthusiasts have embraced the tune, generating viral videos and challenges that underscore its immediate allure and widespread popularity.


Infused with vibrant beats and relatable lyrics, "Psycho (Syco)" captures the spirit of camaraderie and playful banter, earning it rapid acclaim among Amapiano music aficionados. Criss Waddle's contagious enthusiasm radiates as he delivers spirited verses that resonate with listeners across diverse backgrounds.

"Psycho (Syco)" stands as a testament to Criss Waddle's musical acumen, showcasing his knack for crafting hits that strike a chord with audiences. With its infectious rhythm and playful verses, the song is poised to keep fans dancing and singing along for weeks on end.


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