“Leave me alone, don’t push too hard” – Woman replies son’s lover who wished her happy Mothers’ Day

Some social media users have advised a young woman to opt-out of her relationship after her yet-to-be mother-in-law shamed her after she wished her a happy mothers’ day.

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In a leaked WhatsApp chat, the lady sent a happy mothers’ day message to her boyfriend’s mother, appreciating her for raising a lovely son and also wishing there was no lockdown so that she would make a delicious “Mother’s Day Meal” for her.


“Hie mumy wish you a happy mothers’ day. Thank you so much for giving birth to such a lovely son for me… wish we weren’t on lockdown, would have come and spent the day with you, maybe prepare you a special mothers’ day meal” she wrote to her boyfriend’s mother.

However, instead of replying to the message in a like manner, the old woman chose to rebuke her son’s lover, asking her to rather spend time with her mother and stop “pushing too hard”.

Thank you… But don’t forget you not married to my son. So, don’t claim him he is not yours yet. If you spend time with me who will spend time with your mum. spend time with your mum and leave me alone you not my daughter-in-law yet… don’t push too hard, you might not even get married to my son… make that special meal for your mum… Nice day,” she replied.

Well, some Twitter users have held the view that the tone of the old lady’s reply to the young lady is a red flag, so she should quit the relationship now or she would have a terrible mother-in-law to live with in the future.

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