“Don’t tell dad” – Married woman begs after sending son explosive message meant for illicit lover

A married woman who mistakenly sent a very explosive message meant for her illicit lover to her son, resorted to profuse begging to ensure her husband is not informed about her adultery.

Sad woman

The woman wrote the message asking her boyfriend to take advantage of her husband’s absence to come and have a good time with her.


According to her, her husband would be out of town with their children to attend a funeral, so it would be an opportune time to spend romantically with her boyfriend.

However, the message ended up on her son’s phone and he questioned her about it, wondering why she was cheating on his father despite all the love and care.

Interestingly, the woman originally tried to throw dust in the eyes of her son, claiming her phone itself might have typed and sent the message without her knowledge.


But her son rubbished her claim, insisting that the message looked to deliberately constructed to be an innocent mistake.

It was at this point that the cheating woman admitted to the adultery and started pleading for forgiveness and confidentiality.

She vowed to put a stop to her adultery with immediate effect while begging her son not to inform his father about her shenanigans.

Read the mother and son’s WhatsApp conversation below:




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