Teacher reads Bible while judge reads his 20-year jail term for defiling pupil

A primary school teacher who has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for defiling a pupil asked: “Jesus why have you forsaken me yet the scriptures I read assured me l will be set free?”.

“Jesus my saviour, do I really deserve this jail term? – Primary school teacher asks as he’s jailed for defiling pupil

When the judge was reading his sentence, the teacher had ignored him and rather focused on reading his bible.


The trial of Fredrick Mwangi Wango, a primary school teacher was full of drama at the Milimani law courts in Kenya’s Nairobi. Even while in the dock, he was reading the Bible throughout the hearing.

The 45-year-old teacher was reading the New Testament Bible to seek God’s intervention to cause the judge to set him free although he had been convicted of the crime.

When despite the judge still went ahead to sentence him, he angrily threw the Bible to the ground.


“Jesus why have you forsaken me yet the scriptures I read assured me l will be set free?

“Jehova God you are righteous what has happened to me now? Jesus my saviour do I really deserve this jail term. What have I done to deserve it?” Fredrick Mwangi Wango asked before he was escorted to the prison to start serving his jail term.

It is reported that he collapsed last week when he was convicted of the crime and was brought back to the court after recuperating.

According to reports, before senior principal magistrate David Ndungi announced his verdict, “Wango had said prayers while covering his face with a white face towel.”


The magistrate said that the convict violated the rights of the victim instead of protecting them. He rejected the convict’s plea for clemency to be set free to look after his two children.

“The accused is a teacher but he defiled a child, the right of his children are not superior to that of the child he defiled, I hereby sentenced him to 20 years in prison as provided by law.

“Your children’s rights are not superior to those of the girl you defiled repeatedly until she lost count between 2015 and 2016.

“The girl could not remember the number of times the accused defiled her then threatened her with dire consequences should she disclose the illicit and illegal affair,” senior principal magistrate David Ndungi said.

The convict lured the girl to his Mathare Estate residence around 6.00 am when she was heading to school on the day his illicit affair was discovered.


He then locked up the girl and went to school and returned after 9 am to carry out his secret mission.

He defiled the said pupil who was in standard 6 at Moi primary school, when he accommodated her in his house at Mathare Estate in Nairobi within Nairobi county in March 2016.

Mwangi had been sexually violating her since she started living with him in his house, threatening her not to disclose it to anyone.

A police report said the father of the complainant who was too drunk left her under the care of Mwangi who is a married man with two children for half a year.

The police report read “She was taken to two different schools but would always go back to Mwangi’s house making us suspicious.”


The gender and children desk officers interrogated the victim to establish whether there was any relationship between her and Mwangi, she denied it. However, after police officers escorted the girl to the hospital for a check-up, she was later subjected to vigorous counselling before she opened up, according to reports.



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