You’ll see these 7 signs if God wants you to be with someone

Prayer and reflection can help you find God's guidance in your relationship.

Is your partner the one God wants for you? [iStock]

Love is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can feel confusing. You might meet someone amazing and feel an instant connection, but then a nagging voice whispers, "Is this the one?"

Perhaps you wonder if this person is part of God's plan for your life, and are confused as to what way to go in your relationship. You're not alone in questioning whether your relationship aligns with a divine purpose. Many people do. But the good news is that some reassuring signs can indicate a divinely-inspired relationship. Here are a few of them:

Life can be full of uncertainties, and relationships are no exception. But when you're with someone who aligns with God's will for you, there's often a deep sense of peace, even amidst challenges.


It's like a quiet inner voice whispering, "This feels right." This peace isn't the absence of problems; it's knowing that you can face any challenge together because you trust each other and share a deep connection.

This goes beyond just enjoying the same movies or hobbies. Shared values are the bedrock of a strong, lasting relationship. These values could be anything from your faith and beliefs about family to your views on honesty, commitment, and how you treat others. There's a sense of shared purpose, a feeling that you're on the same team, journeying together through life.


Being with the right person should inspire you to become the best version of yourself. This person challenges you in positive ways, encourages you to step outside your comfort zone, and supports your personal growth.

They might help you identify areas where you can improve or nudge you to pursue a dream you've put on hold. There's a sense of mutual growth, where you both learn and evolve together.

We all make mistakes. In a godly relationship, there's a willingness to forgive each other's shortcomings and extend grace. It's not about ignoring problems, but about approaching them with love, understanding, and a desire to work things through together. Nobody's perfect, so you must be willing to learn from mistakes, grow as individuals, and grow stronger as a couple.


A true partner encourages your spiritual journey. They inspire you to grow closer to God and maybe even challenge you to explore your faith in new ways.

This doesn't mean you have to be at the exact same place in your faith walk, but you should both be moving in the same direction, supporting and encouraging each other.


Respect is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. When God is at the centre, your partner respects your individuality, your dreams, and your faith. They build you up and encourage you to be your best self. They celebrate your successes and offer a steady hand during tough times. This respect goes both ways, of course! You should also feel comfortable being yourself around your partner and know they'll support your decisions. A supportive relationship feels like a safe space where you can grow together.

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any healthy relationship. When God is at the centre, honesty and open communication flow naturally. You feel safe sharing your true thoughts and feelings, even the vulnerable ones.


There's a willingness to listen without judgment and a desire to understand each other's perspectives. Difficult conversations, while inevitable, are approached with respect and a commitment to finding solutions together. This open communication builds a strong foundation of trust, a safe space where you can truly be yourselves.

Note that these signs are indicators, not guarantees. Relationships take work, and even divinely inspired ones will face challenges. If you're not seeing all seven signs perfectly, it doesn't necessarily mean you're on the wrong path. Open communication, a willingness to work through problems together, and a foundation of shared values and faith can help you overcome any obstacle.

Ultimately, prayer and reflection can help you find God's guidance in your relationship. If the relationship uplifts you, brings you peace, and inspires you to be your best self, it might just be a sign that you're on the right track.

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