4 simple ways to make eyelash extensions last longer

Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your eye beauty.

Eyelash extension

They can, however, be a little cumbersome to maintain and repeatedly going for eyelash procedures is neither good for your pocket nor for your existing natural lashes.

How to make your eyelash extensions last longer is always top of mind, If you’re like most lash lovers. You’ve just gotten your lashes done and you’re absolutely thrilled with the results.

We now invite you to use the following tips to extend the life of your beloved extensions. Simply follow these tips:

  • Sleep on your back

It will avoid lashes from getting pulled or dislodged. You can sleep with an eye mask designed for eyelash extensions if you want to sleep in various positions or want to be extra cautious. Because of their contoured design, these eye masks have more space around the eyes so that your eyelash extensions won’t contact the eye mask.

  • Avoid eyelash curlers and unnecessarily touching

Avoid eyelash curlers and unnecessarily manipulating your lash extensions. Minimal touching is the key. Never try to remove them or reattach them if they come off at home. Let the professional do it.

  • Avoid waterproof mascara

Avoid waterproof mascara as it is difficult to remove and can dislodge the extension while you try to wash it off.

  • Use an oil-free cleanser

Keep them clean using an oil-free cleanser. Use oily mild foamy cleansers meant for lash extensions or you can use other oil-free and alcohol-free cleansers. Use fingertips or lash cleaning brushes to clean and gently brush them with a clean mascara brush wand every morning.


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