Why spend hours dieting or at the gym when you could be shedding those pounds while catching some sleep?

While it’s not exactly possible to lose weight overnight, there are different hacks and tips you can utilize in your own life to burn more fat while you sleep.

Phone screens, bedtime, and other daily habits might be why your body is stubbornly holding on to weight. Here are all the ways you can make your body more efficient for weight loss:

  • Take hot showers at night

If you’re more of a shower-in-the-morning type of person, hear this argument out. Hot showers relieve achy muscles and tension. They also increase the production of oxytocin which is incredibly soothing. The heat from a shower increases your body temperature but then dips after you towel off, relaxing the whole system. Baths will do as well!

  • Incorporate resistance training

Workouts will help you sleep at night, and can also help you lose weight more-so than a cardio-only routine. Resistance training boosts your metabolism and allows for fat-burning to occur hours after. An easy weight lifting routine will suffice, no need to over-exert yourself. Follow up with a high protein snack. If weightlifting gives you too much energy, make sure to do this a few hours before bedtime.

  • Smaller meals

While it’s tempting to wolf down a massive burrito or steaming heap of mac and cheese right before bed, eating large meals will make your body work to digest it rather than properly recharging. So avoid big meals, especially carbs. A big lunch is fine, but try to stick with plant-based ingredients that are naturally high in fibre.

  • Sleep in cooler temperatures

Sleeping in a hot room lowers your ability to metabolize fat. When you turn down that thermostat (66 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal) you increase the ability to metabolize fat, and also increase the amount of calorie-burning fat in your body by a huge 42%. It will also make insulin sensitivity better, lowering the risks of diabetes. Sleep naked to enhance these benefits.

  • Do intermittent fasting at night

This restricted eating schedule keeps your body healthy. It allows for cell repair but can feel extreme for those who are used to eating throughout the day. When fasting, the human growth hormone increase, allowing muscles to synthesize. Start by creating a no-food window at night that lasts approximately 12 hours.