5 things you shouldn't say to a vendor when buying waakye

When visiting a waakye vendor, the interaction can be just as important as the meal itself.

Things you shouldn't say to a vendor when buying waakye

Here are five things you might want to avoid saying to a waakye vendor to ensure a smooth transaction and to get your meal just the way you like it:

  1. "Don't give me oil" - Contrary to your intentions, requesting less oil might result in the vendor adding more. It's best to go with the flow and accept the waakye as it's typically served.
  2. "I want soft wele" - Specific demands, especially for softer wele (cowhide), might backfire, leading the vendor to give you tougher pieces instead. It seems that asking for soft wele might be taken as a challenge rather than a request.
  3. "Give me plenty of shito" - Overemphasizing your desire for extra shito (hot pepper sauce) might not yield the results you hope for. Instead, you might end up with an imbalance in other ingredients, like more oil.
  4. Don't demand specific amounts of gari or spaghetti - Asking for particular amounts of gari (grated cassava) or spaghetti can disrupt the vendor's usual serving rhythm. It’s usually best to trust the vendor's judgment and experience in balancing the dish.
  5. Avoid haggling too much over price - While it's normal to want a good deal, overly haggling over the price can sometimes lead to a reduction in the quantity or quality of your waakye. A respectful approach may ensure you get both good value and a hearty meal.

Enjoying waakye involves a bit of trust in the vendor's expertise and a willingness to experience the dish as it is traditionally prepared and served!


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