Here are 4 ways to overcome jealousy and envy

Every human being has, at some point, felt jealous or envious of someone else.

Envy and Jealousy

These are common human emotions, but not all emotions should be nurtured; we should strive to be stronger than our feelings.

Envy and jealousy are particularly insidious emotions that can consume us if not managed properly. Here are some effective strategies for dealing with these challenging feelings.

Remember that everyone has personal struggles too

Always remember that behind every success is a struggle. Most people do not showcase the less desirable parts of their lives—the aspects you wouldn’t envy.

Keep in mind that you might not be able to endure their hardships if you were in their shoes, which is why envying their achievements is unwise.

Understand the personal cost of envy and jealousy

Envy and jealousy are burdens that only you carry. Feeling envious or jealous of someone else is a heavy load, and you bear it alone.

Choosing to be genuinely happy for others not only frees you from this weight but also opens the door to potential blessings and opportunities. Otherwise, envy and jealousy can blind you to opportunities for your own growth and happiness.

Try to open up to the people you envy

Sometimes, expressing your feelings of envy in a light-hearted manner can be therapeutic. Sharing these feelings can help dissipate them, allowing you to laugh and talk it through, which often eases the bitterness and discontent these emotions foster.

Learn to accept that we all have different destinies

Understand that our paths in life are not the same; we are all meant to fulfill different roles and face different challenges.

While it may seem like some people have no problems, stepping into their shoes could reveal a very different reality. Remember, just because some carry their burdens well does not mean these burdens aren’t heavy.

By adopting these perspectives and practices, you can better manage feelings of jealousy and envy, leading to a healthier emotional state and more fulfilling relationships.


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