4 ways to order more food at a restaurant and pay less

Dining out with friends or family is always a delightful experience, but the bill can sometimes dampen the spirits, especially when you're on a budget.

Ways to order more food at a restaurant

But hey, what if I told you there are clever ways to enjoy that feast without burning a hole in your pocket?

Let's dive into some smart tips on ordering for a group at a restaurant while keeping the costs down.

The menu trick:

The key to a budget-friendly group meal lies in understanding the menu. One smart move is to order main dishes without the protein, then order the proteins separately. Sounds odd? Well, not really.


This strategy often turns out to be cheaper and, interestingly, you might end up with more food on the table.

For example, ordering a large bowl of jollof without meat and then ordering a bowl of grilled chicken or meat can be more cost-effective than getting several bowls of jollof with chicken or meat.

Go for the family packages

When it comes to group dining, the golden rule is 'sharing is caring'. Opt for family-style meals or platters that are meant to be shared.

These options usually offer a variety of dishes at a lower price per person compared to individual meals.


It's not only economical but also a fun way to enjoy different flavors together. And hey, it's a perfect chance to show off your plate-sharing etiquette!

Share the drinks

Drinks can hike up the bill. Instead of individual drinks, consider ordering pitchers or bottles to share.

Whether it's a big bottle of coke or a bottle of wine, shared beverages are usually a better deal than single servings. Also, tap water is your friend – it’s free and keeps everyone hydrated!

If you want dessert, share it


Desserts are often an irresistible end to any meal. Instead of individual servings, look for dessert platters or large portions that can be shared. Not only does it keep the cost down, but it also adds to the communal dining experience.

Eating out with your gang doesn’t have to be a wallet-worrying affair. With a little menu savvy and strategic ordering, you can enjoy a hearty meal without the hefty price tag.

It’s all about enjoying good food and great company, and with these tips, you can do just that – without the stress of an oversized bill.


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