5 signs your partner is madly in love with you

Telling if someone is in love with you could be difficult sometimes.

Black couple

Paying attention to how the person acts, what they say and what they do when you are together can let you know if the person you love feels the same way for you.

Being 'madly in love' very much varies based on the individual or couple, as well as the stage of relationship the couple is in.

For some come couples, being madly in love is associated with passionate love—the hot desire, desperate longing, and passion—that couples feel at the beginning of their courtship, which usually decreases in intensity over time. For other couples, being madly in love is associated with companionate love, along with reigniting romance and passion.

  • They make you a priority

When your partner makes you and the relationship a priority over other things in his or her life such as work, friends and personal hobbies, they are showing you they value the connection.

Making time when they are busy or re-working their schedule to be with you for something that is important to you shows love and commitment.

  • They share intimate and personal information with you

Love motivates people to share extensive personal, often confidential, information with a partner. They feel the urge to share things about their childhood, desires, feelings, and aspirations for the future with you (and with you).


Although you might think that your partner is merely an open individual, it’s quite possible that he or she has not revealed these feelings and desires to other people they know.

  • They introduce you to friends and family

When your partner is madly in love with you, they are happy if you connect (and they want you to connect) with people who are important to them.

Not only do they want to show you off to others, but they like the idea that their family and friends understand firsthand all of the amazing qualities that made them fall in love with you.

  • They align their interests with yours

Especially when you and your partner first fall in love, a very strong sign that he or she is madly in love is that he or she is willing to alter their priorities and make changes to better align with you.

Being open and willing to make changes and try new things that you enjoy, shows that your partner is committed to the relationship.


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