One of a thousand women would reject a proposal. Every woman dreams about the day her boyfriend will pop the question will a sparkling diamond ring wrapped in a lovely box smiling back at her.

The men are mostly concerned about the aesthetic beauty and whether the ring will fit perfectly which choosing from the collection at the shop. These days, some men even order rings online hoping the woman would love it and are ready to buy any ransom for it.

However, although the ring is just another fashion accessory, it is very important to know the real meaning behind the design and how it will affect your relationship.

Guys, before you select an engagement for the woman of your life, find out their meaning and how best it defines your relationship. 

  •  Round Cut

A round cut ring is a timeless jewellery which will never go out style. This classic cut symbolizes the fact that this couple is traditional, on the conservative side, endlessly faithful to one another, and very loyal.

Ghanaian musician, Becca and Dr Tobi
Ghanaian musician, Becca and Dr Tobi
  • Emerald Cut

An emerald cut symbolizes the couple will go against all odds to make each other happy. They won’t hold back when it comes showering each other with affection and gifts.

  • Princess Cut

As the name suggests, the wearer of this engagement would be treated like a princess. The bride should expect nothing less than royalty all the days of your life. The groom would be caring and supportive husband through the marriage journey.

  • Pear Cut

A pear-shaped diamond signifies that a couple is unique, standing apart from the crowd. The couple does everything to maintain a good public image and motivation for others to be in the marriage institution.

  •  Marquise Cut

This is a glamorous stone fit for a couple that enjoys the glamorous life themselves. Having fun doesn’t end after marriage, it is the getaway to an endless life of enjoyment with the love of your life.

John Dumelo and Gifty Dumelo
John Dumelo and Gifty Dumelo
  • Heart Cut

Hardly would a couple choose for this kind of engagement but when they do, then they are a match made from heaven.

This diamond shape represents a bride and groom that are true romantics. After all, a heart is the end-all, be-all symbol of love!