Workers from the Electoral Commission (EC) have announced strike action to protest their low salary levels and poor conditions of service after negotiations resulted in “window dressing of the real problem”.In a statement addressed to the Electoral Commission chairperson, the Workers Union and the Senior Staff Association said after meeting with the EC head office there were no resolutions to issues discussed.The statement said conditions of service had been “dilated” and emphasised “low salary levels”.The EC workers said that all salary negotiations undertaken with the relevant institutions and authorities since 2012 "yielded no resolution".Paying allowances after every salary negotiation was  “window dressing of the real problem”, and staff needed to consider their economic and social security for retirement, so they do to have to depend on their family.The Workers Union and Senior Staff Association said it demanded to be taken seriously on its need for better salaries and conditions and has “unequivocally” resolved to the actions, which include a sit down strike on February 15 and a full strike on February 22.Both will involve the entire staff.