Ghana tops global ranking for highest fixed data prices per MBPS

Ghana has garnered the undesirable distinction of having the most expensive fixed data prices per Megabit per second (MBPS) in the world.

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Figures, representing the median price per MBPS of fixed internet bandwidth per month, have positioned Ghana at the top of this global ranking.

The alarming data, compiled by, highlights the cost burden faced by internet users in Ghana. The values, converted from local currencies into U.S. Dollar equivalents using prevailing exchange rates, indicate a significant financial hurdle for consumers in the country.

Online reports corroborate this finding, shedding light on the challenges faced by Ghanaians in accessing affordable and high-quality internet services. Users across social media platforms have expressed frustration, with many sharing their experiences of the high costs and limited options in the fixed internet market.


Ghana's top ranking in this global list underscores the urgent need for regulatory intervention and industry reforms to address the affordability and accessibility of internet services. The government and relevant stakeholders may face increasing pressure to explore measures that promote fair competition and ensure reasonable pricing for consumers.

As discussions on the matter gain momentum online, internet users and advocacy groups are calling for greater transparency in pricing structures and improvements in the quality of service provided by internet service providers. The impact of high fixed data prices on education, business, and overall connectivity is a growing concern among Ghanaians.

This global ranking serves as a wake-up call for the authorities to reevaluate existing policies and work towards creating an environment that fosters affordable and efficient internet connectivity for all.


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