Corruption is rooted from Jubilee House - Franklin Cudjoe

Franklin Cudjoe, President of IMANI Africa, has emphasized the need to address corruption at its source, suggesting that the fight against corrupt practices must commence from the highest echelons of power.

Franklin Cudjoe

According to Cudjoe, the Presidency serves as the epicenter where all nefarious deals are orchestrated.

Speaking on Citi FM, Cudjoe articulated his perspective on combating corruption, highlighting his belief that the establishment of the Office of the Special Prosecutor was an inadequate measure in Ghana's anti-corruption efforts.

Citing specific instances of corruption purportedly originating from within the Presidency, Cudjoe underscored the inherent challenges in addressing such malfeasance. He pointed to scandals like those involving the Scholarship Secretariat and the Ministry of Special Initiatives as illustrative examples.

In his view, the very creation of the Office of the Special Prosecutor represented a reactionary approach, addressing corruption only after it had already taken root. Moreover, he suggested that individuals implicated in corrupt activities often possess the financial means to resist prosecution effectively.


“Charity begins at home, and so fighting corruption should start at the Presidency because that is where all the crooked things are cooked. Look at the Scholarship Secretariat scandal; is it not from there? This Ministry of Special Initiatives was not harbored at the Presidency, which led to all these dams that were constructed like dugouts and wasted money all over the place. Just take a cursory look at that office.

“So, even creating the Office of the Special Prosecutor was like battling after the facts were established, and people with deep pockets will fight you because they have made enough money to fight you through. We at IMANI say that fighting corruption and waste begins at the Presidency.”

IMANI Africa advocates for a proactive stance in combating corruption and wasteful spending, with Cudjoe asserting that true reform must begin within the Presidency itself. By prioritizing accountability and transparency at the highest levels of government, he believes Ghana can effectively combat corruption and foster a culture of integrity and good governance.


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