NDC minority supports us secretly on the E-Levy but comes out to 'deceive' the public – Afenyo-Markin

The Deputy Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin has alleged that the National Democratic Congress minority in parliament has agreed to the government’s controversial E-Levy but for fear of criticism, they come out to throw dust in the eyes of the public.

NDC minority supports us secretly on the E-Levy but comes out to deceive the public – Afenyo-Markin

Speaking on Newsfile on Saturday he said emphatically that the two sides of the legislative house have reached a consensus on the imposition of the E-Levy.

He added that the NDC had always supported the E-levy but disagreed on the percentage, asking for a reduction, which the government is considering.

“We know their position, their position is one percent. I am surprised that suddenly they want to steam Haruna Iddrisu or that they want to single him out and sacrifice him.

“The E-levy was a position by the collective, if they have changed their position I would be surprised. But let Ghanaians know that on the E-levy, the NDC agrees with the NPP that we need that E-levy,” the Effutu MP stated.


Afenyo-Markin’s revelation follows a comment made by the Minority leader Haruna Idrissu during a meeting with the chamber of telecommunication companies that a 1% E-Levy is acceptable, a position the caucus he leads overruled with a statement, saying they stand by total scrapping of the levy.

But Afenyo-Marking said the minority is not being truthful with the Ghanaian public on this controversial E-Levy.

“They shouldn’t backtrack and suddenly create the impression that we are in this alone. I am surprised that suddenly they want to make a U-turn, I mean people will not respect them [NDC]. They [NDC] as a political party have said that E-levy is a necessary evil, we must have E-levy.

“Where we disagree is the percentage, they want one percent, Government says 1.75 percent. The government has assured them that it is going to take steps to look into the concerns and make an announcement to that effect. So that is where we are. The NDC and the NPP agreed to E-levy, simplicita,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, speaking on the same programme, member of parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam George insisted that the NDC is opposed to the introduction of the E-Levy.


“We believe that it should be suspended, we believe that there should be better consultation with stakeholders and the country as a whole. But, it is not the way to go at this point. Let me repeat without equivocation and I say this with speaking with my leader, Haruna Iddrisu and the caucus.

“The NDC’s position, we have absolutely no agreement, let’s be clear. The statement that was issued yesterday signed by Muntaka Mubarak was on the express instruction of Haruna Iddrisu and that’s not our caucus position. So we are against it,” he said.

The government is seeking to impose a 1.75% tax on all electronic transactions in the 2022 budget, a decision that has been greeted with vehement opposition across the country, with many Ghanaians banking their hopes on the minority side of parliament to reject it.


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