An Interpol report indicates that there is an increase in reported cases of sextortion involving policewomen which they fail to report.

Sextortion which was formed out of the two words "sex" and "extortion" is not new around the world but it is gradually gaining grounds in Ghana specifically targeted at women.

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), James Oppong Boanuh has cautioned officers to desist from sending their nude photos to friends or families amid the increasing case of sextortion especially those involving policewomen.

A police wireless information copied to all regional, divisional, district and unit commanders said cases of sextortion have been increasing over the past three years.

Police involved in sex tape
Police involved in sex tape

He cautioned that officers, especially policewomen who are found to have sent their nude photos to friends or families will be sanctioned.

He said all commanders must sensitize and caution their officers against the practice.

"Reports received indicate that cases of sextortion are on the increase for the past three (3) years…. INGPOL directs you to sensitize and caution personnel especially policewomen to desist from sending their nude photographs to friends/families. Any personnel found culpable will be sanctioned," the communication said.

In April 2019, a sex tape of a female police officer based in Sunyani has been leaked on social media and it's going viral.

The police officer believed to be a police constable was in the video alone and the kind of things she was doing in the about 6 minutes video is sickening.

The officer whose identity has not been fully ascertained is first seen stripping. She then proceeded to lock her door and what followed was deep masturbation.

It is unknown whom the video was meant for or how it leaked but it’s has raised a lot of concerns in the media.

This is not the first time a Female police officer's tape has been leaked from Sunyani. Last year an 'atopa' tape of a police officer, Yaa Boakyewaa based in Sunyani who had just been transferred to Accra got leaked.