Windows 10 will require you to login with your eyes

Microsoft in their traditional innovative way, has come up with a new way of logging in to the windows 10 platform. Official statement says that the windows 10 platform has been developed to do away with passowords.

Microsoft announced Windows Hello on Tuesday, a new biometric security system that will let you sign into Windows 10 devices, PCs and phones, using your eyes, fingerprints and/or face, providing your devices have the right hardware.

Microsoft says the want Windows 10 to relate with its users on a more personal level. Microsoft Operating Systems Group VP Joe Belfiore says: "We want your devices to recognize you, to understand what you’re saying… we want the experience to go wherever you do and we want you to feel a great sense of TRUST as you go," The biometric security system that will be powering the authentication is called Microsoft hello.

Watch out.


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