Former president John Dramani Mahama says the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has only served the people of Ghana more hardship since assuming office.

According to him, the Nana Addo government has made life more difficult for drivers, farmers and Ghanaians in general.

Mahama was addressing some party supporters in the Ellembelle district on the 4th day of his tour of the Western region.

He accused the NPP government of hiding behind the Free SHS to shirk its larger responsibilities to the citizenry.

John Mahama John Mahama

“Today if you say you are hungry, they [NPP] say, we have given you free SHS; if drivers say they are unable to afford fuel, they say we have given you free SHS so keep quiet; farmers who complain they cannot purchase fertiliser for their cocoa, they say keep quiet we have given you free SHS,” Mahama said.

“If you complain of anything they say we have given you free SHS…free SHS is good but in the bible, it is written that man shall not live by bread alone…there is need to prioritise so that government will not shirk its responsibilities under free SHS.”

The ex-president further accused the Nana Addo government of neglecting projects which were started under his regime.

According to him, government is only using the Free SHS as an excuse to make life more difficult for Ghanaians.

“Roads and hospitals cannot be constructed, roads that my government gave out on contract before exiting are all undone; now fertiliser not meant to be sold are being sold to farmers for 80cedis…all under the excuse of free SHS,” he added.

Mahama is aspiring to lead the NDC again in the 2020 elections, having filed his nomination to run as the party's presidential candidate.