The attacks on Islam in Ghana must stop

For centuries, Ghanaians have lived peacefully and in harmony above their religious differences.

The Quran

Millions of Muslims and Christians across the country accept and respect their religious difference.

Sharing of food, attending special functions, sharing a community and friendship are some of the beautiful things that happen between members of the two major religions. We therefore want to keep it so, to confront our common challenges as a nation.

The disingenuous and illogical attempts by the leaders of the Christian Council, the Ghana Catholic Bishop and the Methodist Church Council, whose views do not represent the views of the millions of Christians across the country, to divide Ghana must be condemned outright. Their actions are dangerous and irresponsible.

Prayers and fasting form a crucial part of any religions activity. The adamant position taken by the admiration of the Wesley Girls high school to stop a student (Muslim) from fasting and praying, with an excuse of caring about the health of the girl, is hypocritical, disingenuous and illogical. The school is fully funded by tax payers including Muslims. The 1992 constitution of Ghana is supreme to any institution, organisations and groupings within the borders of Ghana.


“Owusu Bempah drops wild prophesy on NPP; says God is against Bawumia being 2024 flagbearer”, is the new headline on some news portal after the unfortunate and reckless opinion and comments disguised as a prophesy from Rev. Owusu Bempah. God is the creator and the judge of everybody on earth including all muslim.

These actions and words from those self-centered individuals have a higher chances of sowing division among Ghanaians; starting or escalating some violent and bloody conflicts at some parts of the country which could result in loss of lives and damages to properties. As an organisation, we shall be bold and fearless in preventing religious violence in Ghana.

By: Abraham Korbla Klutsey

The Executive Director: YPSA and CNPSA

Author: Peacebuilding At the Edge of Death (listed on


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