CIB Ghana's 2023 Governor’s Day Bankers’ Dinner reflects optimism for banking and economic future

The 2023 Governor’s Day Annual Bankers’ Dinner, organized by the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana (CIB Ghana), unfolded as a beacon of optimism, signaling promising prospects for both the banking sector and the overall economy.

Dr Ernest Addison, Governor of the Bank of Ghana delivering his address

This year's gathering held special significance as it was part of the institute's 60th-anniversary events.

In his address, CIB Ghana President, Benjamin Amenumey, acknowledged the challenges faced throughout the year, highlighting the remarkable rebound observed toward the end of the fiscal period. He expressed confidence in a sustained recovery throughout the coming year, noting,

"No one would deny that it has been a tough year, but the rebound has been remarkable, and I believe it is safe to say this points to what we should expect in the coming year."

Mansa Nettey, President of the Ghana Association of Banks (GAB), echoed the positive sentiment, stating, “As an industry, we have all had an extremely challenging year, and we are so glad that we have done to the end of 2023. Thankfully, we have turned the corner as banks, and we are already seeing some positive signs. We are looking forward to 2024 with a lot of confidence and hope.


While acknowledging external challenges, Robert Dzato, CEO at CIB Ghana, underscored the institute's commitment to addressing internal issues, particularly ethics. He mentioned the allocation of significant resources to focus on ethical considerations, a key theme highlighted in the National Banking Ethics Conference.

Mr. Dzato also emphasized the integration of technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, to enhance learning outcomes and drive innovation within the banking sector.

Bank of Ghana Governor Dr. Ernest Addison shared the positive economic trajectory, highlighting improvements in growth, declining inflation, and overall stability. He assured attendees that the economy is on a gradual rebound, and prudent policies will further strengthen the recovery process. Dr. Addison emphasized the Bank's commitment to closely monitoring potential risks and taking decisive actions when necessary to maintain stability.

The evening also featured the acknowledgment of new Associates and the induction of three new Fellows of the Institute. The Fellowship awardees were Sina Kamagate, Kwame Achindiba Abbey, and Michael K. Kondor, recognized for their significant contributions to the banking sector.


CIB Ghana, with its mission of advancing banking studies and overseeing professional practices, continues to play a crucial role in shaping the financial landscape of Ghana. As a premier institution for professional qualifications and financial education, the Institute remains dedicated to producing trusted professionals for the financial services sector.

Established through the Chartered Institute of Bankers Ghana Act, 2019 (Act 991) by an Act of Parliament, CIB Ghana stands as a cornerstone for ethical standards and the development of skilled professionals, contributing to the efficient and competitive growth of the banking industry



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