The Managers behind Africa's Best Boutique Hotel 2015- Villa Monticello

Nominated for Africa’s Best Boutique Hotel 2015 in the World Travel Awards, what the founders and management of Villa Monticello have been able to achieve is a unique plush abode for the corporates who troop to Ghana on daily basis for business.


Built in 2011, the hotel situated in the serene airport residential area, has paid particular attention to the hospitality needs of corporates and the associated comfort they require.

Specially- themed rooms

Villa Monticello has 16 rooms, which are creatively decorated to suit the international needs of their clients. They are  decorated along different themes that are inspired by some great sights in the world, to give the occupants a thematic feel of these places.


The hotel has presidential suits, executive plus, executive, and Junior Suites and Standard Suites

Presidential Suites

Kwame Nkrumah

According to management of Villa Monticello, this room is to  honor the man who led Ghana's transition from British colonial rule to independence in 1957.

Decorated with historical photographs, handsome furnishings, and spacious king-sized bed, the Kwame Nkrumah Presidential Suite is a testament to his  pride and perseverance. There is even a separate living and dining area to make your stay exceptionally inviting. With such luxurious surroundings, we trust that your stay in the Kwame Nkrumah Suite will be as peaceful as the man who inspired it.


The Kwame Nkrumah Presidential Suite can be described as Villa Monticello's most cherished room because of its links to the founder of the nation Kwame Nkrumah. They have therefore  nominated it to compete for Africa's Leading Suite in the World Travel Awards.

Executive Plus


The Zembezi is themed aftere Zembezi River and is designed to give customers the feel of the river.



The Nzulzu Junior executive room on the other hand is themed after the water- front village of Nzulezu in Nzema in the Western Region.

Executive Suites

Villa Monticello  also offers Executive suites, two of which are themed Out of Africa and Londolozi Suite.

Out of Africa

Named after Baroness Karen Von Blixen’s lyrical meditation on life in Kenya’s Out of Africa, this room mimics the colonial times in Kenya, decorated with pictures from the Kenyan Savanna.


While its decor is inspired by the simple luxury of the coffee plantation Baroness Blixen called home for seventeen years.

Londolozi Suite

World Travel  Awards

Villa Monticello's ingenuity, innovation and creativity has earned them several norminations in 2015 World Travel Awards and the Kwame Nkrumah Presidential Suite being consideed for the  leading African Suite award.

On how the hotel earned the recorgnition, Deputy Manager of the hotel, Anita Ontenhoff mentioned  the energy put in hiring and training the right employees to work in the hotel as the main success driver.


" I will say choosing the right people, and putting an emphasis on training, because, of course, in the hospitality industry training  on customer service  and service delivery in general is important."

One stay at Villa Monticello also reveals one  interestingly unique sense of customer service that is personalized to the needs of the customer.

" Here we make you feel personally catered for and important. The atmosphere has been made deliberately serene for personal getaways"Anita says.

Anita then urged all Ghanaians and lovers of Ghana to go on to the world travel awards website to vote for Villa Monticello in all the categories they have been nominated for.

Once again, businesses like the Villa Monticello are working very hard to put Ghana on the map, and so far have made Ghanaians very proud.


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