Avoid acting like your boyfriends' maid; they won't marry you - Kafui Danku

Renowned Ghanaian actress , Kafui Danku, has issued a strong caution to women in relationships, urging them to avoid assuming the role of a boyfriend's maid.

Kafui Danku

According to her candid advice, men are less likely to take such women seriously and may even choose to end the relationship if they feel taken for granted.

Kafui Danku emphasizes that women should refrain from becoming doormats, as men tend to be more drawn to women who maintain their independence and individuality. She highlights that some men might prefer spending time and money on women who are not readily available or too accommodating.

Instead, the acclaimed actress advises women to focus on their worth and ensure that men invest their resources, both financially and emotionally, in the relationship. By encouraging men to spend their time and money on them, women can safeguard their self-respect and have something to show for their efforts if the relationship eventually comes to an end.

"Before he gets what he wants, he must work for it. Men only stay when they invest their money and their time. Why would he pamper you if he doesn't spend his money or time, and you give him what he wants so quickly? Why do you go and cook and clean? Are you his maid? If you are a wife, then, of course, you are taking care of your home. But if he hasn't married you, why should he marry you when you do all these things? "

Kafui Danku firmly believes that men should put in effort and work for what they desire in a relationship. She questions why women should readily fulfill a man's desires without him demonstrating genuine commitment and investment. Instead, she urges women not to rush into fulfilling all the traditional roles of a wife until the man has taken the step of marriage.


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