Efya denies knowing Blakk Rasta in interview, says he has achieved nothing in music

Ghanaian singer Efya has sparked social media reactions after revealing that she doesn't know who Blakk Rasta is.


Efya made this surprising revelation when she was recently interviewed on GhOne TV’s Rhythms show.

When the host of the show brought the name of Blakk Rasta up during the interview, she said ‘"Who is that? He's a rapper; he's a what?...he's a radio journalist?... But journalists say what they want, they don't care. I don't think I know who he is. What does he do, radio?

After being given some clues by the host of the show, She admitted that she knows the 3FM presenter and described him as a funny man who does funny music.

Efya went on to say that it is not really important for her to know everyone in the music business because she subscribes to the idea of "God for us all".


Multiple award-winning singer made the controversial statement when they were talking about how Blakk Rasta recently attacked Sarkodie and described how he performed on the remix of Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’ as ‘wack’.

Blakk Rasta, a reggae musician and radio presenter, heavily criticized Sarkodie's verse on the remake of 'Stir It Up' which was released in January 2023.

"What Sarkodie did was nothing but a desecration of the legacy of Bob Marley. It is so shameful, what Sarkodie did is nothing but a desecration of the holy music...should I go deeper? It is like a king has been buried and you go and dig him up, and steal the gold and diamonds that he's been buried with," Blakk said on his show, Urban Blend.

The singer also gave her honest statement with a message to Ghanaians and industry players who are quick to ridicule the works of others with their unwanted opinions.


According to the singer, Blakk Rasta doesn't have the authority to criticize the song, adding that his opinion won't change anything.

"Your opinion right now, Mr Blakk, does not matter. The thing is, the boy has done something and it's historic, be grateful and let's honour our people. Let's be happy for our people, you saying this, what does it do to it? Are they gonna go back to production and make the music what you want?...what level has he gotten to criticize the song?" she quizzed.

Efya, is a Ghanaian neo-soul vocalist, songwriter, performer, and actress with a lot of hit songs to her name.


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