Ejura Protest: 11 statements that prove Shatta Wale is ‘confused and inconsistent’

Ghanaian dancehall star and record producer Shatta Wale has been labelled as a ‘confused and inconsistent’ musician after he made some statements about the music industry a few weeks ago.

Shatta Wale weeps at 3Music Awards

Early this month, Shatta Wale addressed the industry after his trip to the United States and in his address, he claimed that he met some investors who said they do not know Ghana’s identity when it comes to music genre.

Shatta Wale labelled the so-called 'lack of identity' as the industry's biggest setback.

But showbiz pundit Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo schooled him about the industry’s setbacks, eliminating ‘music identity’ from the industry’s problems.


Arnold Asamoah took his time to explain to Shatta that the real industry's setbacks have to do with lack of funding, publishing and distribution deals, copyright and a poor royalty system.

With plain facts, Arnold proved that many artistes in Africa have won Grammys with less known genres.

Since then, Shatta Wale has been labelled as a confused and inconsistent artiste by showbiz enthusiasts, industry people and celebrities alike.

And truly, he has once again proven that he owns the new label. This came to bear when he passed some absurd comments about the Ejura protest which has claimed lives and injured several others.

Ejura, a town in the Ashanti Region, has been boiling since yesterday after military men attacked a group of unarmed protestors and killed two.


The group were protesting against the murder of ‘Fix The Country’ protester, Ibrahim 'Kaaka' Mohammed.

Before Shatta Wale left Ghana for his Miami holiday, he went live on Facebook where he attacked President Akufo-Addo for turning a deaf ear to Ghanaians.

“I’m saying this to the President. You should wake up and do something for Ghana,” he said during his live video. “Because I’m not sure he is hearing the sh*t things Ghanaians are saying about him.”


“Mr President, Ghanaians are saying, you are making them suffer. Things aren’t going on well in Ghana. People are losing their jobs. The youth are crying. Most of them are faking life, they want to do things on their own,” he added.

But in his recent Facebook and Twitter posts, he is shifting Ghana’s problems on the youth, saying they should stop writing ‘essays’ online and hit the street to demonstrate. This statement is the first proof that he is confused. It turns out that the youth in Ejura demonstrated against a bad system and two of them were killed.

He has also made some ‘inconsistent and confused’ statements in his latest social media rant about the whole Ejura saga. We have selected 11 of them to show you.

1. Calling the youth ‘fools and disappointment’ for fighting for a better Ghana


2. Undermining the power of social media after encouraging his fans to use social media for good

3. Saying people should stop protesting for the fear of being killed after his initial statement encouraging the youth to ditch social media and storm the streets to demonstrate

4. Telling the youth not to put their trust in politicians after attacking the President to bring change in Ghana


5. Telling Ghanaians to storm Mahama or Nana Addo’s house with their grievances but made a swift u-turn in the same post.

6. Saying he is also suffering after claiming that he is the richest musician in Ghana


7. Comparing Markola hustlers with people protesting on social media

8. Admitting that social media is not ‘real’, just three days after he was caught posting Google pictures of a stack of dollars and claiming it's his


9. Saying this generation will not live to see a fixed Ghana

10. Discouraging the youth from fighting for each other

11. After goofing, he tried sympathising with the families of the victims of Ejura protest


How much more confused is he?


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